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Used in jewelry making since the middle ages,  brass brings a beautiful golden sheen without the heafty gold price tag. At Thoth's Treasures we offer a variety of items in brass, and mixed metal pieces crafted with copper or sterling silver.         


Copper has been seen in jewelry making since the 8th century BC;  and at one point even determined your social status.  Beyond that copper with it's rich redish orange hue;  has multiple benefits for the body when being worn.  It has been proven that copper is a conductor of energy and can promote healing in the body.                  

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver has had multiple uses throughout time;  from jewelry and currency to silverware.   Jewelry made from this precious metal stands the test of time.  Just like gold it can be passed down for generations and hold or increase in value.              

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Wire Wrapped

Hand wrapped minerals, crystals and stones.  Ethically sourced raw and poslished materials.  Pure copper, sterling silver, or brass; we also offer 10k or 14k gold as a custom order options.          

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Artisnal Designs  

One of a kind hand crafted artisan jewelry. Made with various mediums , quality new and repurposed materials.  Add one of these pieces to your collection and you'll be sure to make a statement.   

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